Sprucing up your outdoor living space adds life to an otherwise dull area. Depending on which aesthetic you are going for, many different plants for your patio will bring color to your home.

Plants for Your Patio: Flowers

Choose classic perennials for a timeless look. These plants can be planted in containers and look great on the deck, porch, or patio.


Roses are a good choice for patios because of their elegant look. Choose a pot with ample space for roots to grow and a spot on your deck with good airflow.


Lilies are best kept in a sunny spot, so pick a place on your patio that gets the most sunlight during the day for this plant. Lilies are vulnerable to frost, so they need to be taken inside on cold days.

Hardy Succulents Plants for Your Patio

Succulents are best for people who get a little lazy with taking care of their plants. They require less water than most other plants because they store water in their leaves for future use. An outdoor variety is essential to your patio space.


These are available in various colors, great for livening up your patio. The leaves overlap to form a rosette appearance. Remember not to overwater your succulent.


This plant prefers hot climates with plenty of sunlight. Many people grow aloe in pots for its hair and skincare benefits.

Plants for Your Patio: Vines and Climbers

Morning Glory

The best plant for containers, these grow between six and ten feet tall. Morning glories bloom into a vibrant ombre effect in various colors and are relatively low maintenance.

Climbing Hydrangea

This type of hydrangea requires enough support for the vines to propagate. Regular water and sun will keep this plant happy on your patio.

Herbal Plants for Your Patio

Herbs are versatile and functional plants. Bringing herbs into your patio space will add greenery and fresh flavor to your cooking. Fresh herbs taste better, and growing them yourself will save you money and a trip to the grocery store.


Basil is known to repel mosquitos. It is used in various Italian dishes as it adds an earthy flavor.


Mint is one of the easiest plants to grow and is an excellent addition to your plant patio. It grows well in the shade and multiples fast, so you’ll always have some on hand.

Ideally, your patio space will feel like an extension of your indoor living areas. Decorating with the right plants adds vitality and reduces stress inside and outside your home.

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