If you’re facing high monthly water bills, keeping track of your water consumption and spending is helpful. You can use a few simple techniques to conserve this natural resource, save money, and protect the environment. Here are five ways to save water at home and reduce your monthly bill.

Install a Water-Saving Toilet

Install a high-efficiency toilet to reduce water usage at home. Older toilets use much more water per flush, which you’ll see reflected in your monthly utility bills. Install a new, water-saving toilet and significantly reduce the amount of water flushed. 

If you can’t afford a new water-saving toilet, opt for a DIY method to reduce the amount of water per flush. Fill a plastic bottle with water. Add sand or pebbles to weigh it down. Then, place the bottle inside your toilet tank. You can add two bottles if your tank has space. The weight bottles will displace the water in the tank, which means the toilet will use less water per flush.

Save Water at Home When Brushing Your Teeth

Turn off the faucet every time you brush your teeth. Leaving the tap running even for a minute wastes water. Turn the water off when washing your hands, shaving, and brushing your teeth, and turn it on when you’re ready to rinse. This water conservation habit makes a difference at the end of the month. 

Repurpose Water

Use leftover water for other household chores. For example, repurpose the water from washing vegetables and fruits to water houseplants. When waiting for the shower to warm up, collect the water and use it for other purposes such as mopping the house or washing the car. Repurpose the water instead of letting it run down the drain.

Purchase Aerated Faucets and Showerheads

Another simple way to save water at home is by replacing all old showerheads and faucets with aerated ones. Aerated models use less water than regular fixtures while maintaining strong water pressure. With these models, you reduce your water consumption by up to 50%.

Take Shorter Showers to Save Water at Home

Don’t spend too much time in the shower each day. Make it a goal to keep showers under five minutes. Set a timer or create a playlist to alert you when it’s time to finish up. You can also save water by taking fewer showers. Unless you’re incredibly active, showering twice daily may not be necessary.

These techniques work best when used together. Create new habits around your daily water usage habits and buy more efficient appliances to achieve the best results. You’ll learn to save water at home and reduce monthly utility bills.

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